Ms Pallavi Sinha has been assisting the Indian Support Center (ISC) as its “Brand Ambassador” ever since ISC was established in March 2015.  As the Brand Ambassador of the ISC, she has been doing tremendous work in spreading ISC’s aims and objectives to the Community.  In particular, I would like to commend the work she did as an “Anchor” for the creation of a DVD that ISC created in promoting its activities to the Community. She did this at a time when she was hard pressed for time while her family member was in hospital.

In addition to assisting in the creation of this DVD, Pallavi has been actively promoting the ISC’s key program areas – new migrant support, Domestic Violence support and Senior Citizens support through the Print, TV and Radio media to the Community at large.

Ms Pallavi Sinha, with a strong backing of family value systems which she inherited from her parents, possesses those rare talents that would bring credibility to any community institution.

The Indian Support Center is pleased to be having her as its “Brand Ambassador” and wishes her well in her future endeavours.