As the CEO and Co-Founder of MultiConnexions, I invited Pallavi Sinha to speak at a Global Conference at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre. Pallavi delivered an impressive address and was highly professional throughout the entire conference. She demonstrated advanced skills in her use software applications such as PowerPoint during the conference. I would recommend her as a speaker on any topic and particularly on topics such as Women and Business, leadership, diversity and gender.


I would like to express a personal thank you for your invaluable contribution addressing the Western Sydney Open Forum “Tyranny of Status Quo: Challenges of Indian Economic Reforms”. Pallavi’s speech was excellent and the feedback I received from participants was very positive. I appreciate the time you took out of your busy schedule to join us and thank you for sharing your insights with our attendees.

“Dr Sev Ozdowski OAM Director Equity & Diversity, University of Western Sydney”

CMRC recently invited Pallavi Sinha to be a guest speaker at Inspiring Change: The Power of a Woman Conference which was held at Parkroyal Parramatta. Pallavi was a very professional speaker, inspirational and thought provoking. She expresses herself very clearly and has a lot of experiences to draw from. Her speech and panel discussion were much appreciated by the audience. I would like to recommend her as a speaker on any topic, and particularly on topics such as leadership, diversity and gender.

“Community Migrant Resource Centre”

From a personal observation Pallavi presents as a person with a sincere and genuine interest in seeing a kinder world realised in our lifetime. Our international delegates were not only impressed with her commentary they were incredibly grateful for the opportunity to have Pallavi’s support and contributions to this important event which were welcomed as a value add to the international table of the World Kindness Movement

“The World Kindness Movement”

Ms Pallavi Sinha has been assisting the Indian Support Center (ISC) as its “Brand Ambassador” ever since ISC was established in March 2015.  As the Brand Ambassador of the ISC, she has been doing tremendous work in spreading ISC’s aims and objectives to the Community.  In particular, I would like to commend the work she did as an “Anchor” for the creation of a DVD that ISC created in promoting its activities to the Community. She did this at a time when she was hard pressed for time.

In addition to assisting in the creation of this DVD, Pallavi has been actively promoting the ISC’s key program areas – new migrant support, Domestic Violence support and Senior Citizens support through the Print, TV and Radio media to the Community at large.

Ms Pallavi Sinha, with a strong backing of family value systems which she inherited from her parents, possesses those rare talents that would bring credibility to any community institution.

The Indian Support Center is pleased to be having her as its “Brand Ambassador” and wishes her well in her future endeavours.

“Indian Support Centre”

I met Pallavi first time in PICAC conference in Novotel Hotel at Parramatta. She was the M.C. and I was impressed with the way she conducted the conference. Aussie Indian Age Care Support Holistic Association (AASHA), held a Seniors Mental Health Forum and Pallavi accepted my invitation to be the M.C. for this. She did an excellent job.

I am very impressed with her work, commitment to community service, her passion for improving the awareness for domestic violence and many other social issues.

She is a lovely person, with a bubbly personality and as a young person very committed to serve the community. She has connected me to many other people who are doing lot of work to make Australia a better place.

She is an excellent public speaker with knowledge about current issues in our society.

“Aussie Indian Age Care Support Holistic Association”